Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My First Sewing Project - Lotus Brick Path Quilt for Twins

The first project I got into was making baby quilt for the twins of my best friends. I wanted to do something special for them and their kids. So I decided that a quilt would be worth wild for them to have. 

Here is blog that inspired me was: The Little Elephant Baby Quilt by Dee
However it is just the commonly used Amy Bulter's Lotus Brick Path Quilt

I made two quilts about the size of a twin comforter. Bought the fabric from Joann's (I had no idea what I was buying, luckily I had a girlfriend accompany me). Because I was making quilts for twins I wanted to cheese it up a little and create a unifying theme between the two.  I chose my color palette as pink and blue for the girl and green and blue for the boy.  One of the blue fabrics (that I thought looked similar to DNA) was used in both of their fabrics.  The one last thing I did when choosing these fabrics was to use repeating styles.  For example the girl's quilt had an asian floral print that was in blue and pink and the boy had some sea animals that were in small and large size prints. Here are some examples below:

My mom helped me a lot with these. She taught me how to cut the pieces, how to sew the pieces together, cut it out, baste it, and quilt it (like I said, she’s a pro). Anyways, I forced her to teach me how to do it and other than sewing some of the binding on – I did it all!  Speaking of binding, I love LOVE love the binding I made for these quilts, even though it was annoying to sew and it pissed my mom off that I did it my way.  I made, I guess they are called piano keys, then just cut them down and sewed the pieces up together.  And my mom has subsequently has showed me how to do it properly.... something about cutting on the bias or something.  Just sounds like more rules that I should break. ;)

Lastly, I was hesitant to make labels (or whatever they are called).  But I'm glad I did.  Check it!

Things I learned:  

  • Organization is crucial when planning large scale projects. 
  • How to use a sewing machine, how to cut fabric, how to iron fabric and seams.
  • Why I hate ironing.
  • Buying fabric is the shit (aka, most fun thing to do).
  • My bobbin hates and wants me to preform a murder-suicide with it.