Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dontcha Just Love A Good Tote?!

I can't remember why I started making totes but it was probably because after all making all of these baby toys and quilts I wanted to move on and make something different. Although, honestly, I think if I remember correctly it was because the holiday season was upon us all and I decided to make a bunch of ladies tote bags for gifts (Oh! I stuff them with some sachets as gifts). 
Anyways.... I DO remember that I was apprehensive about choosing a tote bag pattern to learn from, so after some extensive googling I found a pattern and tutorial that was really easy and simple to read and understand on HGTV’s Make an Easy-to-Sew Lined Tote Bag. What’s really nice about it is that it has a lot of photos which I cannot stress enough is so critical to us noobs.

Once I got how to make the tote bag down, I started exploring making different quilted patterns. Quite possibly my favorite tote bag I've ever made was created from those designer sample pieces that you can buy at the store. When a girlfriend of mine found out I was sewing she sent a bunch to me (middle picture). Anyways I just love how the bag turned out and I learn so much doing piece work (you'll see what I mean soon). Oh and the lining is a napkin another friend gave me.  All scraps baby, woot!

Now because I'm still new I don't know why this happens but I still get lectured about not sewing together different types of fabric from my mom. So far I have not experienced any problems combining fabrics. However in the immortal words of advice from Tim Gunn I know that it can be problematic to do so. Tote bags have become my number one favorite thing to make it has fired me up to try and make all sorts of different new bags.

I love making tote bags now and I am always exploring and finding new ones to make. Check out my pinterest page if you want to see the tutorials and blogs that I love The Maverick Seamster:: totes, bags & purses

And if anyone makes one of these before I do then SEND ME PICS!  The Foldover Tote or the Ikat Bag

Thanks! :)

Things that I totes learned how to do:
  • How to make a cool and easy corner.
  • It was in making tote bags that I realized I needed to know how to make straps. As I mentioned before check out this cool tutorial where I learned:  Emmaline Bags, How to Sew Bag Straps
  • Don't be scared to try making a quilt pattern on your own - I like how mine turn out