Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stuffies and Other Stuff

I had some other friends who were either having kids or have kids currently so I decided to make some stuffed animals and other gifts for them.

Owls are popular and trendy so I made a couple of variations of them.  First I tried the Zakka Owl.  Super cute but I probably won't go out of my way to make this again because of the amount of hand sewing.  Hand sewing sucks and it doesn't make sense to me - why the fuck would you hand sew something when we have machines for that?  Anyways I learn how to make these at a great blog called Lisa's Craft Blog: Big Stuffed Zakka Owl

The picture of the two owls is what I have settled on if I need to make a stuffed animal gift on the fly.  They're easy and fun to make.  You can make them out of scraps and get it all done on your machine.  Need I say more?  Plus you can make them any shape you want.  I have made tall ones and short ones.  I found lots of variations of this style of stuffed owl, but the tutorial I recommend is Stubbornly Crafty: Stuffed Owl PDF Pattern

Okay, this next stuffed animal I made for someone who is into dinosaurs for some reason.  Anyways this is a hand sewing project that I will gladly do again because they turned out SO FREAKING CUTE.  Plus I think you can do this with a serger - I don't know what those machines are or if I have one, but I betcha you can do it on one of those. I'm not sure who this Runo chick is or why her interests are making stuffed animals and panties, but she knows her shit!  Check it out at the Nuno Life: Stegosaurus Tutorial.

Lastly, I made some quick baby gifts for an expecting mommy friend of mine.  I made a bib.  This bib was historical because it marked the first occasion that used my machine to make a button hole opening and sew a button on using my machine.  I really didn't know how to do it, but I pressed some buttons on my machine and gave it a go and it worked!  Later on my mom showed me how to do it properly, but you know how I feel about being proper.  I lost the original blog that I did this one from, but the next time I do one it will be from the 30 Minute Crafts Blog: Quick and Easy Baby Bibs.  These make more sense to me and look adorable.

So... what the hell did I learn this time?
  • Hand sewing is for suckers - avoid it at all costs.
  • Make it your own way, it may look a little funky but you'll learn more than just following someone else's instructions.
  • Don't be scared of your machine and what it can do for you.