Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Car Seat Cover, Baby Toys, and Other Things Like That

After I made the quilts I wanted to use the remaining fabric to make toys and other things for the twins. I also want to make a car seat cover. My intention was to make something practical - you know something other than just the quilts.

The first things I made were Taggies for the first initials of each of their names. I don't understand what have you there for still….. but I don't have babies. I don't know though, they were a hard project for me because of their size and turn it inside out and making the loops out of the remaining fabric was difficult. It was a year ago but I still have crazy memories of being super frustrated and pissed off all the time while making them. They turned out cute though - I suggest it as a mid-intro level sewing tutorial. Here is where I found my source of inspiration from the Twelve Crafts till Christmas Blog: Monogram Taggie

My favorite thing I made is quilted toy leashes.  They’re so cute, so functional, & I made it out of leftover binding from the quilts. I learned how to make straps easily a couple months ago - I sure wish I learned how to do it then when I made the toy leashes because turning fabric inside out really is super frustrating for me and can be such a mess. I don't think people talk about this enough.  Great sewing blog, great project The Moda Bake Shop Blog: Quilted Toy Leash

Anyways the second project I made using batik fabric was a car seat cover. I didn't want to make one of those car seat covers for the inside of the car seat, I just wanted something to wrap over the top for privacy and for hot days or sunny days or car trips. I wanted to use two different prints of the batik and I didn't put any lining in the middle because I wanted the light to shine through the batik layers and create abstract shapes. My thought behind this is that it creates something interesting and colorful for the baby to look up at and through.

I found this project at Cluck Cluck Sew's Blog: Car Seat Cover (aka Greeter Deterrent).  I can not tell you enough how great this blog is.  Its fun and easy to understand.  I am looking forward to learning more from this blog.

The hardest thing about making these was the straps to attach to the handlebar thing. I cannot emphasize this enough, you really can't do this project remotely. As in you gotta be there with a car seat, right there in front of you. I made my by making a muslin version of it before I made the final cuts & put it together. Then I took it to Babies R Us and tested it on the car seat but somehow it didn’t turn out right.  I had to rip out the strap 3 times before I got it right that hanging correctly. That being said if you got the car seat and you got some nice cool fabric this is an awesome easy bridal shower baby shower gifts to make.

Lastly, I made a nursing wrap, compliments of  The Coterie Blog: DYI Modern Nursing Show (SEW ONE LINE!).  Some of the commenters say these instructions are hard.  They are, kindof… They were a little hard for me to understand at first.  But once I got into a place of enlightenment and applied a come-what-way attitude, it turns out to be really easy.  Plus it’s actually a great intro project because it is LITERALLY a single stitch and maybe two cuts.  For real, anyone can do this.  The choice in fabric is key.  I’ve tried two different types of fabrics and I’m still on the fence.  Although I think I found the best fabric for it the other day – so I’ll update you.  No pic of any of my attempts exist currently though, sorry suckers.

Oh, and I forgot I made 20 of these christmas ornaments for them to give out as gifts.  Fun project, easy.  Hardest part was making the straps... AGAIN.  They came from the Craftiness is not Optional Blog: fabric scrap key chain tutorial and the tutorial is how to make key rings.  Great tutorial!  I made one side for the boy and the other side for the girl.

The stupid sh*t I learned this time:

  • Never make straps by turning them inside out EVER AGAIN. Do it the easy way by learning on Emmaline Bags: How To Sew Bag Straps - A Tutorial
  • My next car seat cover I am going to make two sets (two on each side) thinner size straps.  Since the next one I am going to make isn’t going to me in front of me… again….
  • Choose your fabric wisely you must, says yoda dave. This could not be more true when making clothing, i.e. nursing wraps.