Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The on the GO-GO-GO Diaper Bag

My sewing schedule completely revolves around the needs of my friends and their sewing needs revolve around their babies. I wish I found this cool tutorial a year ago when I started because it rates off the chart when it comes to simplicity and function. If you and your younglings are going on a quick trip, why pack a diaper bag when you can grab this one stop wonder.

Before I get started let me give some praise to the maverick seamstress over at the Noodlehead. What an amazing website. I have found that they are an excellent resource for sewing noobs, so if you’re like me check them out.

Obvs, I found this free pattern on their page and my heart just pitter-pattered its way to functionally heaven. Sometimes I’ll rudely say to my mom friends, “gosh, why don’t you have an emergency diaper bag in the car…?” Of course, who has the time with a newborn glued your hip to think of packing and storing an emergency diaper bag in the car? Well, now they can have solution to not only those times but also times when they just need a couple of diapers (and supplemental supplies) for a quick trip around the corner. I mean for realsies, what better gift could you make for a new mama and dada? They are sooo easy to make and can accompany an additional gift perfectly like a baby quilt!

I made my first one for a co-worker. Now, typically I won’t spend my time and money making things for randoms – especially this dude. This little shady so and so never says hello or even gives me a passing smile. The only time I've talked to him he dresses me down for not wearing a helmet on my bike. Do like look like an 8 year old? NO! Don’t even tell me what to do homie. Anyways, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and find a way to bridge the divides. Plus, I thought a baby gift might cure his RBF. Besides I’m still on this make-a-tester-before-the-final-product kick so I had to give someone the preliminary product.

This tutorial is sooo freaking easy, I can’t even do a demo. I mean I spent more time picking out scrap fabric and cutting it then I did sewing it together. I mean OF COURSE I mavericked the seamster out and did some independent thinking. Here are is what I pulled from my scraps to start with. A couple of leftovers from a previously made tote bag, including the remnants of the straps – which became the quilted (appropriate term? Or is that considered piecing? I can never tell) strip.

Once I completed the first one, I did ramp it up for the final product. I added an internal pocket for the hand sanitizer (for those extra messy poops) and did a little quilting thing.

I mean what more can I say about this – IT’S THE PERFECT NEWBORN GIFT! I was able to load one of these up with three dishcloths, a bottle of diaper cream, a mini hand sanitizer, and thing of wipes. I would buy diapers, but…. I guess I can just say it being a dude an all – I don’t know jack about diapers. Don’t get me wrong, I've change a diaper plenty of times, however I have never purchased a pack of diapers in my life (thank the goddess). I even tried having my mommy friends explain to me what kinds of diapers I should buy…. but…. every time I went to the diaper aisle my brain short circuited. So I just figured they could throw their own diapers in there.

Now, of course this maverick seamester has thought of a new way to make this on-the-go diaper pouch, but I haven’t had time to implement my concept. 

Lastly, I wish I could post more. I am trying to get my non-maverick-seamster life in order, which has unfortunately taken a majority of my free time. But have no fear, I am still sewing, just not publishing as much as like. How much more maverick can you get than mystery sewing?

  • Keep searching the web for projects. I just love this project, I mean come on! You don’t even have to have a design or motif to make a new mommy one of these. For reals, you barely have to have entry level sewing skills to make one of these.
  • I’m not going to get into it on this post, but I have discovered the unlocked potential in piecing. Let’s just say I've been attempting to mentally picture how to make chevrons. You’ll find out more later.
  • This is more for you "followers of all the instructions" - just break them. I messed up cutting this project both times. However each time they turned out great. Now I am only venting this because my mama is such a perfectionist. The other day I went over to her house and JOKINGLY pointed out a couple of misaligned patches in her DONATION QUIT and holy HIJOLE! I've never seen someone break out a seam ripper that fast. Please mi amigos y amigas, just love what you do and forget the rest. When I sewed the first one, I accidentally put the vertical strip at the bottom instead of the top of the center strip. Did I yank everything out? NO! Sometimes you just need to learn to live with the unexpected.
  • I always like throw in a few of those rings with every baby gift.