Thursday, December 4, 2014

Storage Organizer Bin Container Thingie

I’m not sure what inspired this project. I completed this project like two weeks ago and I’m too old to remember that far back. I think I was coming off the high of the fabric bowl project and wanted to keep rolling with the storage container idea. I definitely need them. Lately the sewing room has been a wreck. Which I am fine with, I like chaos – it is an inevitable variable in this life, might as well learn how to embrace it.

I found this tutorial to make a Fabric Organizer Bin on my Pinterest page. Of course I got a mad ton of respect for my fellow bloggers however I didn't love this tutorial. I don't know why but for some reason I found it hard to read and the pictures were like very confusing. I love a free pattern, but you gotta put the measurements on it – so there’s the first frustration. But its free and that’s awesome so hit up Alida Garcia’s Tutorial and Free Pattern Download for a Fabric Organizer Bin aka Diaper Caddy. The plus side of this project, I was able to use my scraps.

So, like I've mentioned I don’t got a printer so I can’t just print out a free pattern. But I was able to ascertain the approximate measurements from the photos on the tutorial.

Look I know it’s easier to just print it up at work and take it home. But I actually am an advocate for doing it yourself. You learn so much.

I like to visualize the construction of a sewing project. By doing several drafts and exploring measurements and such it gives this little seamster much insight.

This was a fun project…. I remember having fun doing it. BUT its just a modified tote bag pattern…. So, been there done that sorta thing. And did it again. Then there was that one time I did it. Anyways the storage bin didn't turn out super great fantastic but I like it. It did inspire me to clean up my sewing room and now I have cool container to store my fabric selections for my next quilting project.

There were more things I did wrong than right on this project, but its cool. You gotta learn somehow. Take it from me you wanna know this:

  • YOU HAVE TO USE HEAVY DUTY STABILIZER. You have to, it’s the only way it’ll stand up. I guess there is the school of thought that it’ll stand up if you fill it up and it’s nice that it collapses down when not in use. I have been thinking of other ways around that…. I got some ideas brewing.
  • I made my straps too long, but I am glad I did and might have been the coolest mistake yet. You can see from the pic above that wrapping the strap around the container bin helped keep it up. Plus I like my stitching on the straps – I’m so talented.
  • Lastly, because I know how to do it now and did my own measuring and pattern making I now know how to make them for custom sizes. That’s right ladies, custom sizes….