Wednesday, August 6, 2014


UGH! I wanted so badly to do another sewing project this week, but I can’t because I'm going out of town! (WOOT!!)

Anyways I plan on moving away from tote bags officially… possibly…. Lol…. for the moment. I just really want to change it up to get new perspectives.

I thought show you the new fabric I bought. I LOVE BATIK FABRIC SO MUCH. It's so inspiring to me. Earlier, while getting supplies for my trip at a local box store, (I don't want to tell you cuz I hate admitting that I shop there) but for the price and the amount of fabric I got it was a good deal. I'm going to make stuff out of this in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned mi amigos.

Nothing new to learn this week, but here's some cool facts about batik: